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The Reaper by Nijuuni
by Nijuuni

I will never, EVER, get over the way you do texture. I wish I could do texture like you do. I hate you. How do you do this? GIVE ME YOU...

KH - Parley by Nijuuni
by Nijuuni

I didn't see the "critique requested" thing until after I posted that comment lmao. Anyway, since it's up I thought I might as well wri...

APH - SCOOORE 8D by Nijuuni
by Nijuuni

4.5 stars for impact because, generally speaking, unless you're a fan of Hetalia you're not getting the full emotional value of this pi...

AkuRoku - Our Usual Spot by Nijuuni
by Nijuuni

This is a very beautifully done piece. I remember watching you work on the basic sketch during one of your livestream sessions, but I n...



A.K.A. the "I need a new tablet" fundraiser

Because I’m moving out of the house tomorrow, I’m not going to be working much at all for the next several months. Which means I’ll have little to no pocket money whatsoever. Unfortunately my main money-maker (outside of an actual job) is completely broken; buying a new nib for my tablet pen did nothing, meaning it's either my pen or the tablet itself is the thing that’s broken. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to even try to fix it.

Which is why I’m opening commissions.

Obviously my options regarding media at this point are limited to traditional kinds, but I’m very diverse in what I use. Said media includes graphite, Prismacolor/Copic markers, colored pencils and pens, and now including watercolors and acrylics. I'm going to post my more recent art in the hopes of enticing people to buy a commission from me, though unfortunately the quality of the picture isn't going to be as good as the picture itself. Which is why, if/when I get a commission, I will not only post the picture for you to see, but I'll also ship the picture to you (commission prices will include the price of shipping, if you're willing to give me your address).

Depending on what you’d like to have done, I price things very differently. Each drawing I price based on how long it takes me to draw said thing. (All marker drawings will be done on glossy paper at no extra charge, unless otherwise specified.)


  • Simple sketch $5
  • Detailed sketch $10

Colored pencils:

  • Added color $2
  • Full-color $3


  • 1-3 colors $5
  • 4+ $10


  • Simple colors $10
  • Detailed color/multiple colors $15

Now obviously the pricing is kinda iffy, but basically I charge more for the amount of detail than what kind of media I happen to be using. The more detailed the picture gets, the more I’m going to charge for it. If you want more than one person/character in the picture, each character will be priced individually. Backgrounds will obviously be extra. Watercolors are also on a price-on-request basis because quite honestly the paper is fairly expensive and patience when dealing with watercolor is a virtue. Acrylics are priced more or less the same as watercolors, though those are a little easier to paint with than watercolor.

If you want to commission me, email me at  with the subject “commissions.” Please include a detailed message of what you’d like to have done. I am flexible with pricing, but only to a certain extent. Please remember that I am, above all else, a college student.

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Knight: Take Charge by DragonLover2000
Knight: Take Charge
Request for :iconcaptaiinkaiicrow: to draw him as his god-tier.

This was really fun to draw, and while I don't have much time to be taking requests I thought I could open up side-commissions for this kind of thing too! A pencil sketch of your god-tier (canon or otherwise) would be about $5, and a full-color like this one costs about $8. Message me if you have any questions or would like to order one.
Adventures in Rapture by DragonLover2000
Adventures in Rapture
My friend Moyashi has the tendency to yell at videogames, but unlike me she doesn't restrict that yelling to just bad guys.

Commissions are still open! If you'd like me to draw a small $3-$5 comic page of you or your friends [or both!] send me a note detailing what you'd like to have done and I'll send you my paypal information.


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Coffee Lawyer
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United States
Hello! My name is Edward (though my friends know me as Leon) and I am a 19-year-old college student. I'm currently working on attaining an Associate of Arts degree for History, as well as a minor in art and music, but I'm also trying to learn how speak fluent Russian. I kind of gave up on French after I failed the placement test.

I spend most of my time on Tumblr (see link below) but I update my twitter (@orbitalsprite) regularly. My hobbies include crying over gay space vampires and complaining about being unable to wear cute clothes, though my real problem right now is barely being able to afford my next meal. Commissions, while rare, are extremely appreciated.


TARDIS-commission by DragonLover2000
This was commissioned by a friend of mine, who paid $10 in advance. I must have used at least 5 different markers for the TARDIS alone (not including black and grey).

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I don't know if you ever got a reply to the question you asked back in May about the tutorial on how to fold straw stars, I googled it and found it in like 1 minute flat, so here it is:
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